Why Choose Clarion Group’s Corporate Food Service Consultants to Improve Business?

Running and managing a food service business within a corporate facility is a niche market that can be improved with the assistance of corporate food service consultants. There are unique needs that a food based facility requires when the business’s target market is professionals that are dining in their workplace location. One of the main goals of corporate food service consultants is to keep employees at their workplace to dine and to avoid having staff leave the building to find their meals. This requires the assistance of professionals that specialize in this niche market and the following services and more can help with improving business and increasing revenue for corporate food businesses:

1. Layout Redesign

Food service consultants have worked with many corporate food businesses before and are expert at knowing which layouts appeal most to professionals that visit a restaurant in their office building. The needs of corporate professionals may differ from the general public and these requirements will even change based on the type of business. For example, professionals that work with clients, in meetings and travel frequently may want a space to dine that is classier and provides more space to work than the average restaurant while a food based business that caters to kitchen and cleaning staff can be organized in a cafeteria style format.

Food service consultants have the ability to analyze a business and design a layout that corresponds with the needs of the customer. The service can also assist with the implementation of any new design that has been approved by the food-based business.

2. Menu Planning

The menu in any food based business is primarily about what the market demands but there are other factors to consider such as offering similar items that are doing well with competitors and sourcing the ingredients from local providers and ensuring that they are high quality, affordable and come from a reputable source. A great menu is what turns most people into loyal customers that refer their colleagues to the dining facility.

Food service consultants will analyze the menu and offer new suggestions that will increase profits and will improve the menu so that it is attractive, affordable and offers food that is in demand within the target market.

3. Internal Improvements

One factor to consider when improving a corporate dining facility is how to improve the business from the core. A prime example is reducing the turnover with kitchen and cleaning staff. Hiring and training new employees takes significant time and resources and this can be avoided by partnering with corporate food service consultants that know how to keep employees happy and content within their roles. Through consultation and coaching every employee from newly hired dishwashers to upper level management will directly or indirectly be improved when owners and primary decision makers know how to keep employees happy and when to recognize when they are not. Employees that are content with their position are noticeable to customers and should be a primary concern amongst corporate food-based facility operators.

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