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Every project we undertake has its own unique story, because every client and every situation has its own special circumstances and challenges. We have to find solutions that fit the circumstances and resolve the challenges. Sometimes, it's operational performance, financial issues or facilities problems…sometimes it’s all three, and maybe something else besides.

Here are stories about Clarion projects, the challenges presented and the solutions we’ve found and implemented. You can find more case studies in our newsletter section.

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Everything started out well. The new food service contractor breathed fresh life into a tired employee dining operation at a corporate headquarters. They seemed to be on the way to a long-term successful relationship under a “P&L” (profit-and-loss) contract; the contractor takes the financial risk.

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A request from the student to the chef preparing her lunch at the exhibition cooking station. She was among opening day customers at a college’s new campus center café.

When she received her lunch, she joined fellow students in the airy seating area, graced on three sides with full-length windows overlooking the tree-shaded campus.

dining service consultants

The company’s contract with its food service operator was coming up for renewal. Could Clarion help negotiate better terms and reduce the subsidy?

What We Found: The agreement had no provision requiring the contractor to do a good job—manage efficiently, serve good meals, keep food safe or keep the facility clean. There was no “independent contractor” clause, meaning the company could be held liable for anything the contractor did under the contract, including violations of health code, OSHA and labor laws.

dining service consultants

Like many companies, a high-tech firm had to reduce staff. The food service contractor complained that the reduction made the operation unprofitable and requested financial relief.

What We Found: From the customer’s perspective, the service was okay, but hadn’t changed much in several years. The servery and a coffee kiosk in the dining area were neat and attractive, but “the same old thing.” The menu selection was unexciting.

Our Solutions:

food service consulting

Like many organizations that outsource their food services, the company, with 1,000 employees in a city center office building, had no one in management knowledgeable enough to effectively oversee the food service contractor.

The food service includes a staff café and an active catering operation, serving meals and refreshment services to between 200 and 300 guests a day and frequent special functions.

food service consultants

The college had two objectives: Open a new food service facility for its 800 resident students and take back management of the food services from its food service contractor.

We were retained to develop the new management system and structure and help guide the transition. The project included planning and designing a new dining hall and central commissary for the campus’s five food service outlets; renovation of the campus center café, and open a new vending café in the library.

food service consultants

The new CEO came to the office early on his first day on the job, expecting the breakfast he had ordered would be waiting. It wasn’t. He was not pleased.

After an angry phone call, the breakfast was produced. This gaffe was not the first, but the most spectacular, in a series of catering foul-ups. Clarion was asked to investigate, find the source of the problem and provide solutions.

food service consulting

A large company was extensively renovating its headquarters and adding new meeting facilities, including state-of-the-art, built-in audio/visual systems. Some rooms are video-teleconferencing capable and all have projection and sound reinforcement systems.

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