The Three Advantages of Working with Corporate Food Service Consultants in Designing a Dining Facility

Today’s growing companies are under ever-greater pressure to reduce their expenditure while expanding the level of service they provide to their in-house employees. In order to maintain an effective balance between costs and service, businesses often turn to consulting companies who can help ensure that business facilities are designed and planned with efficiency as a foremost concern. It’s with that in mind that many firms are now working with corporate food service consultants, Clarion Group, a company known for its commitment to creativity, as well as pinpoint and seamless business strategy execution. Here, the company reviews three advantages of working with corporate food service consultants when building or upgrading a business’s dining facilities.

1.  Innovative Dining Area Designs

When companies are building a dining environment, they require a venue that will meet a broad range of demands. For example, they must provide convenient “grab and go” spaces for those that are in a hurry and simply just want to pay for their meal and leave the area. But they must also allow for seating and service areas, where people are able to enjoy their meal in a comfortable setting. Most corporate food service consultants will take the time to review how a facility operates and then provide unique solutions to common challenges that the organization is experiencing with their current facility.

2. Advice on Menu Items

One of the leading challenges facing many corporate and school food service contractors is that their menu is too inflexible. Staff at a growing company can become frustrated at the lack of options provided by their food services. This discontent can lead not only to to poor performance among the employees but also a lack of belief in the company and its commitment to the staff’s happiness. By working with corporate food service consultants, companies can discover the best available options to add to their in-house menus. For example, a company could work with a local organic food supplier to bring in fresh options for their staff. Or companies could even create their own gardens on-site, to help ensure that quality food is available to meet their staff’s requirements.

3.  Improved ROI from Food Services

Every growing organization is trying to reduce its costs as it moves forward within the marketplace. As part of this cost-consolidate strategy, firms must analyze their in-house food services and determine if they’re receiving full value for money for their expenditure. Corporate food service consultants can help businesses review their current food service processes and pinpoint areas where deficient operating practices are causing poor financial returns. For example, companies might simply be failing to merchandize their food services effectively. Or there might be a dichotomy between a customer’s expectations and the level of service they’re receiving. It’s this ability to analyze where returns can be improved and costs can be reduced that makes the services of corporate food service consultants crucial within the current marketplace.

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