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Starting a corporate food service business should be a guaranteed success when your clientele are located within the same building but many corporate dining facilities fall short due to a lack of data-driven decisions, goal setting and professional planning techniques.  There are corporate food service advisors that can assist with establishing the business and getting it off to a great start with menu planning, layout design and market research.  Hiring these professionals ensures a professional, unbiased opinion that stems from years of experience in the niche specialty of assisting food businesses get off the ground to a flying start. 

Why Hire Food Service Consultants?

1. Menu Planning

The needs of the average corporate customer will change frequently based on dining trends and the economy.  Corporate food businesses need to plan their menu accordingly.  Some examples of this may include: providing specialty items such as no-preservatives and gluten free, matching the cost to the competition and offering meals that suit the tastes and preferences of the average corporate customer.  A food service consultant can assist with this process.  They have worked with many dining facilities and know what works, and what does not.  This avoids making costly errors and speeds the learning curve so that new food businesses do not have to learn by making mistakes the first time around. 

2. Layout Design

The layout of a dining facility is often overlooked but it is one of the most important components of running a successful food service business.  In the case of corporate clientele, the seating should have a certain amount of privacy for working on lunch break and no tables should be crowded by lineups.  An efficient layout design will also assist with getting customers their meals quickly so that no time is wasted that could be spent working or relaxing in the dining facility.  The food service consultants may also recommend the latest dining facility seating and recommend its vendors, to offer high quality seating and additional food service equipment, which has the potential to save costs while being durable and known brand name products. 

3. Market Research

Market research is required when planning to open a food service business.  The market research will assist to make strategic, data-driven decisions that will make the business successful.  Results of market research can affect the cost of food, hours of operation, menu items and the number of staff members it will take to get the business off the ground.  Market research is a component of starting a corporate dining facility that cannot be ignored.  A professional consultant can provide this service, which can seem overwhelming to the average individual, and these results can be discussed thoroughly.  This is a great starting point for making informed decisions and overall, a splash in the market space. 

A corporate food service business can be a success when a professional consultant is hired to assist with market research, layout design and menu planning. For these services and more visit, 

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