How to Improve Operations with Clarion Group’s College Dining Consultants

Running a dining business within an organization can be a challenging task, especially in the academic atmosphere.  College and university students provide a lot of diversity for a manager.  Students come from all different demographics and their tastes and budgets can differ dramatically.  Not to mention, there are other factors at play to ensure the success of a dining business including: a great marketing campaign, healthy food and a logical floor plan. College dining consultants are becoming a staple to any manager’s operational strategy.  College dining consultants can help with every aspect of business from renovating the facility to implementing marketing strategies.  Owners and managers that ally with experienced and knowledgeable consultants can dramatically improve their revenue, while keeping team members and customers satisfied. 

Why Use a Consultant to Improve Business?

Layout Design and Renovations

Appearances matter and the first impression will determine if the college student will always leave campus for meals, or if he or she will buy their food everyday from the same establishment.  Not only should a dining hall look attractive and draw attention but it should be designed in a way that helps the flow of customer traffic, without negatively affecting the customers who are already seated.  A dining consultant can help by reviewing the current floor plan and working with the organization to design a modernized and proven layout that works best for both the customers and the team. 

Food Choices and Cost Savings

It is no surprise that students want meal options that are more affordable than the average customer. Young customers are searching for healthier options, more than ever before. Cafeteria managers are faced with balancing cost with health, and traditionally the two have never gone hand-in-hand.  A dining consultant can make recommendations or even offer programs that help to fulfill the need for fresh ingredients and lowered prices, while still increasing profits for the business. 

Many dining halls and cafeterias are trying to steer away from their reputation of only offering junk and fast foods and are gearing toward the fact that healthy food is readily available and within budget.  A dining consultant can assist with shaping this highly sought after image. 

Marketing and Advertising

Despite being located on campus, a cafeteria still needs to advertise and market what they have to offer.  The fact is that fast food chain restaurants do a lot of advertising and people like what is familiar.  It is very likely that a student will travel off campus for a meal that they already know the name of and the price.  A dining consultant can help to get the word out that the food offered in the dining center is appetizing, affordable and filling.  Once students realize that they don’t have to go far for their meals, the cafeteria can count on more steady business, and the consultants can reevaluate the campaigns accordingly.


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