How to Improve Customer Retention with Clarion Group’s Campus Food Consulting

Campus food service consulting has benefited many dining operations and helped expand their customer base and increase student participation in meal plans.  This is achieved through a variety of services that provide a well rounded and comprehensive approach to campus food consulting. 

Some of the components of the dining facility that need to be analyzed and improved upon include but are not limited to: layout redesign, menu planning and internal operations analysis.  With these services campus dining halls can increase their revenue while becoming more cost effective, and appealing to their customers. 

How Food Service Consulting Improves Dining Facilities

1. Layout Redesign

A new layout could completely change the way that customers see the dining facility.  Many campus dining halls are out of date and do not offer the level of aesthetic appeal that young customers are looking for when they visit with friends or family for lunch.  The dining experience is more than just the food that is served; it’s the entire experience and this includes what the eyes can see, in addition to pleasing the palate, and providing excellent customer service. 

A layout redesign can also improve the flow of traffic and assist with managing and organizing customers when they are in line, dining and traveling throughout the establishment.  This accomplishes a more positive atmosphere where customers have sufficient amounts of personal space and lineups move more quickly and efficiently, reducing wait-times. 

2. Menu Planning

The palates of the younger generations are changing and more students are demanding a menu that caters to their tastes and budget.  There are many trends in the food industry right now that includes gluten free, free range meat sources and vegetarian options.  The consulting team can work with the dining facility to find local sources of high quality foods that are offered at a profitable cost. 

A consulting team can also perform market research to discover what successful businesses are offering and what the target demographic wants out of their food service establishments.  This will offer key insight into what changes will work and if there are any current practices that need to be altered to increase clientele.

3. Internal Analysis

There are many cases of dining facilities that have a fantastic layout and a menu that is working for their customers but still struggle to be profitable.  This is usually a matter of internal operations such as finances or employee retention.  The consulting team can analyze the financial and administrative side to the business, and learn more about the training and management processes for employees, to gain a better understanding of the business and to provide suggestions to assist with improving the facility. 

By utilizing the expertise of a professional team of consultants, campus food consulting has the potential to increase revenue while attracting and retaining customers.  This service is especially useful for new businesses and dining facilities that are looking to modernize their establishment.  To learn more about Clarion Group visit,

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