How to Grow a Food Business with Clarion Group’s Dining Service Consultants

There are a number of food businesses that operate within a facility such as a corporate headquarters, hospital or campus and want to increase their base of customers and improve their revenue. This is a business that does very well when dining service consultants are hired with a niche specialty in the food business that can provide key insights and an experienced approach to improving operations overall. There are a number of ways that dining service consultants can assist with growing and improving food based businesses:

1. Offering a Professional, Outside Prospective

It can be a challenge for colleagues and business partners to offer subjective advice on a business strategy or to approve new initiatives that are valuable. People that are involved with the business may have an emotional attachment, or may only be seeing the business from a limited prospective because it is where they spend most of their time.

Consultants that are expert at dining facilities that are located within workplaces and schools know what works for these businesses as a whole, and come into the project with the sole purpose of improving operations.  With this goal in mind objectives can be achieved when the consultants spot strengths and limitations that others who are too close to the business may not be able to see.

2. Valuable Market Research

Dining service consultants can conduct market research surveys and collect data that is focused on specific areas such as geographic location, customer demographics and even to discover what is trending in the market. When a business knows who their customers and competition are, how many potential customers are out there and what they want, overall operations can improve quickly and significantly.

Market research is a necessity for any company that is trying to expand and professionals and specialize in the food business know what to look for to help this niche market thrive in their industry.

3. Improve Internal Operations

Discovering new ways to cut costs, increase employee retention and improve the dining experience for customers is one of the fastest ways to grow that also makes everyone involved happy from customers to management. Dining consultants can assist with some of the following internal improvements:

• Assessing finances and providing guidance
• Dining facility layout analysis/design
• Finding equipment at lowered costs
• Improving employee retention
• Menu design
• Sourcing affordable, high quality ingredients

Many businesses need to improve from the inside-out. Having a strong internal foundation is the cornerstone of a company that is ready to break out and fly higher than the competition. This level of expert advice and professional service is only attainable through a service that specializes in this market and has worked with other, similar businesses before with success.

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