How Food Service Consultants Clarion Group Works with Dining Facilities to Increase Success

Food service consultants are an asset to any dining facility that works within an organization or enterprise such as corporate and school-based companies.  The goal of food service consultants is to improve operations on all levels of internal and external matters of the business of food services including: market research, menu planning, facility design, management analysis and more.  When consultants are hired for a food service facility they provide their clients with many valuable tools to ensure their success.  Some of the strategies that they use include:

Custom Tailoring Every Project

Every food service business is different and consultants with years of experience and success in this niche market recognize that every unique client will need a different plan to guarantee the future success of their business.  Some dining facilities have definite strengths, limitations and areas that need improvement.  The food service consultants can cater their service by prioritizing what needs to be worked on first to result in the highest levels of success for their client. 

By listening to their client’s vision, needs and requirements and combining their own expertise to every project, food service consultants aim to achieve the best results by streamlining their service to target their customer’s most important needs and goals. 

A Network of Specialists

It takes more than one expertise to achieve a well rounded result when it comes to a profitable business.  A food service consulting firm has a broad spectrum of professionals that are highly skilled and expert at specific areas of the food-based business.  Clients work closely with these professionals to benefit their business whether they need a new facility layout designed or assistance with analyzing and researching their target market. 

It’s important that efforts in specific fields relating to the food business are employed to focus on what matters most to their client and to provide a high value service that results in the best possible return on the investment. 

Innovative Solutions

Every facility owner and/or manager knows that the business faces steep competition and that new ideas are not easy to come by.  A consulting firm is on the cusp of the innovations in the industry and can provide solutions to any obstacle that is standing in the way of a food based business’s success.  Some examples of these challenges include: organizing management, sourcing local ingredients, hiring contractors, locating equipment, planning a menu that appeals to the target market and improving employee retention.

When a firm is hired that has solutions to some of the toughest issues that dining facilities face the business has an ally and partner that has the ideas, tools and experience that contributes to an overall successful venture.

A food based business such as a school cafeteria or corporate dining facility can have the advantage over their competition when they hire consultants that specialize in this fast-paced market.  Clarion Group is a team of food service consultants that benefit their clients through a targeted and custom designed strategy.  Visit,

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