How the College Food Service Consultants at Clarion Group work with their Clients

Colleges and Universities benefit from a consultancy firm that has a specialty at improving the processes, marketing and design of the specific industry that requires these services.  College food service consultants assist cafeteria and dining halls of an academic institution or on campus grounds.  A college food service consultant works with their clients to improve upon the overall business.  This includes the internal processes, up to the marketing and other external driving forces of success, such as the cafeteria design and employee management.  With a consultancy service, any cafeteria will notice an increase in revenue and overall improvement with how their dining facilities are run and managed. 

What to Expect from a Consultancy Firm

1.  Initial Consultation

When a dining facility contacts a consultancy firm the College or University has some key issues that motivated them to make the initial contact.  Every model is different and every facility faces unique challenges and obstacles.  Some of the common reasons for requiring the services of a consultancy firm include:

• Unsure of what the target market wants
• Requires a modernized design
• Needs assistance with advertising
• Wants to improve employee retention
• Requires cost-saving solutions

It is important to choose a consultant that has specific experience with College food service consulting.  This guarantees a firm that has worked with similar Colleges, knows the market exceptionally well, and is on the cusp of changes and trends that relate directly to the industry. 

2. Planning for Change

Once the challenges have been identified, the consultancy firm will be able to narrow in on the problem areas, and begin to identify the strengths and limitations of the College dining operations.  The client is active in this process every step of the way.  In addition to receiving advice that works toward improvement, the client will also learn about the industry, internal operations and other areas of interest that relate directly with the obstacles that the College or University is facing.  The firm will always be available to answer questions as they arise and encourage discussion and input from their clients. 

3. Implementing Changes

Whether the client has hired the consultancy firm for a new facility design, an improved menu selection or an effective advertising campaign, this is the part of the process where ideas become a reality.  These changes will be implemented as soon as the plans are approved.  These improvements will be noticed instantaneously and the leading team members at the dining facilities will be able to take over and use these new ideas, designs and information, to run and manage their cafeteria more effectively. 

The process for every company is individualized and the consultancy firm works toward customizing solutions that are specific to the industry, business and requirement.  After the consultation and planning phases, the plans will be put into action, and any campus-based food operation will notice the difference within days. 

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