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Corporate food business operations differ from restaurants and fast food chains in that the market is very specific and getting to know the customer and what they want most out of a dining facility is of utmost importance. Corporate food service consultants can assist with a range of competencies that increase the overall performance of the food business. There are questions that every dining facility should ask to determine if corporate food service consultants are the right choice for increasing business and overall growth of the company:

1. Is the Company Meeting its Objectives?

The objectives of a corporate dining facility will differ between businesses but some common goals include:

• A varied menu that provides options that satisfy a range of customers from healthy choices to gluten-free options.
• Low prices for a high quality service.
• Fast, friendly and efficient service.
• Returning and loyal customers.

Food service consultant can assist with helping businesses reach their objectives by analyzing their business model, performing market research and other specialized tasks that the consultants are expert in. This provides a professional outside prospective into the strengths and limitations of the business and then the consulting team will work towards developing a strategy that is geared to improve the food service’s objectives.

2. Is the Operation Meeting its Financial Goals?

The bottom line should be the priority of any food business operation and a team of consultants that specialize in the corporate food business can figure out what is stopping a business from meeting its financial objectives or work with companies that have seen seeing success but want more. The benefit of a niche specialty in the food business is that the consultants have worked with many similar businesses before and know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This streamlines the process of tweaking business models and experimenting with new vendors, menu items and seating plans.  An in-depth evaluation is necessary for any business that wants to monitor how well they are doing in specific areas and how to improve their bottom line as quickly and affordably as possible.

3. Is the Food Service Meeting the Changing Needs of Clientele?

A feasibility study is a great way to determine what needs to be changed and what is working for a customer base that may be changing, whether a new business has entered the building or the company where the food service is based is growing. This is the best way to see what equipment needs replaced and repaired, if menu items need to be changed and if the dining facility needs development. If the food business wants to go ahead with any changes, the consultants can draft a development plan that will show the business what needs to be completed to modernize the facility and the approximate costs to have the work completed.

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