Corporate Food Service Consultants Clarion Group Outline 4 Important Trends within the 2015 On-Site Food Service Marketplace

To deliver a standout experience to employees within their buildings, companies must work with corporate food service consultants to analyze the latest trends and implement strategies based on emerging data. With decades of food service market experience to their name, the team at corporate food service consultants Clarion Group has a finger on the pulse of the industry. And within this article, they take a look at four important trends set to take hold within the 2015 marketplace.

1. Quality Service Defines Value

Within the 2015 marketplace, the modern customer is searching for high quality, locally-sourced food options. The service experience is a critical factor in providing value. Food service vendors might consider offering a distinct range of choices in terms of portion sizes to help customize their services. Another customization option could be to allow the customer to select their ingredients. This helps provide the control the modern customer is searching for while ensuring fast access to quality food.

2. Service Convenience Now an Essential Success Factor

Each element of the service provided to customers should be based on a convenient approach to food delivery. The process begins by making food preparation convenient for behind-the-counter workers and ends with giving the customer the convenience of healthy food within a consolidated timeframe. Another convenience that food service vendors might include as part of their service is mobile ordering capabilities. Almost every one of their employees now uses a cell phone, and so companies can now work with their corporate food service consultants to implement online ordering and mobile payment strategies that streamline service. By making their services easier-to-use and more convenient for the focused customer, food service companies can thrive in the 2015 marketplace.

3. Food Waste Reduction

With the renewed commitment to environmentalism across the country, food service vendors should now be reviewing the amount of food they waste within their everyday business processes. Corporate food service consultants can help companies refine their food management strategies and reduce the amount of waste within their facilities. There are a number of advantages of limiting food waste. Firstly, companies can reduce the costs of their service operations. Secondly they can reduce their impact on the natural environment and present a positive brand image to customers.

4. Natural Ingredient Use

In 2015, customers will expect companies to further add to the list of natural ingredients within their products. This might require that food service firms optimize their menu items to ensure only natural products are used within the vast majority of their food. This process will likely take time to complete, but with so many customers becoming more aware on the ingredients within their food, it’s a process that could help assure long-term business success.

By considering how current trends may impact the 2015 food services marketplace, companies can improve the service they provide to their customers. To learn more on the latest trends, contact the team at Clarion Group directly at (603) 642-8011 or visit their business website at

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