Corporate Consultants Clarion Group Offer 3 Tips for Building a Strong Foundation to Your In-House Food Service

A company’s food services area is a critical element of its day-to-day operations. The options available and the design of the food services area can impact how employees experience their time at work. These factors can also influence visitors to the building. And therefore growing organizations about to select a food services vendor might consider the following three tips from corporate food services consultants Clarion Group for building a strong foundation for food service success

1. Create a Watertight Contract

A leading challenge facing many organizations is that their food services contracts contain many loopholes. For example, companies might find themselves liable for any violations of the health code that occur on the premises, even if these violations are caused by their vendor. It’s imperative that companies protect themselves when first selecting a vendor for their food services requirements.

Costs can quickly rise when all financial elements within the contract have not been reviewed closely by specialist corporate food service consultants. It takes years of experience to notice potential contractual issues before they arise. Questions to ask during the contract negotiation phase might include: what are the overhead costs and who is responsible for them? And does the contract set standards for operational performance and food safety? Only by answering such questions can companies ensure an effective food service.

2. Listen to Your Employees

All effective corporate food services strategies are based on employee requirements. Without listening to their employee’s requests and responding to their complaints, companies are unable to create a successful food service that keeps everyone happy. One of the prevalent concerns among modern business employees is the lack of healthy, affordable food options available within their facility.

Companies can respond to this type of concern by working with vendors that offer natural, healthy meals that use locally-sourced ingredients. This represents an opportunity for companies to listen to the needs of their employees and respond with a service that caters to their day-to-day working requirements. Working with corporate food service consultants can help to streamline the vendor selection process and ensure all concerns are met with actionable strategies.

3. Assess Potential Design Requirements

In designing a corporate food service environment, companies must consider their productivity objectives. They must also consider the amount of traffic they expect within the environment on a daily basis. For example, companies might choose to focus on creating a food service that delivers quality food quickly, while providing open areas in which employees can enjoy their meals. This type of design consideration requires the assistance of specialist corporate food service consultants, who can ensure all safety and cost-efficiency measures are considered.

In building an effective food service, companies can streamline the process by partnering with trusted industry experts. To learn more on the foundations to food service success within the corporate environment, speak with a member of the team at Clarion Group directly today or visit their business website at

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