The Benefits of Food Service Management Consulting from Clarion Group

Corporate and campus food services can be vastly improved with the assistance of a food service consulting management team.  Every client of a food service management consulting firm is listened to in terms of visions, obstacles and goals and then the team creates a customized solution that works toward an improved overall operation, whether it is through business development, financial consulting or customer research. 

A team with experience and prior success within the corporate and campus food service industry can ensure a food business that reaches new heights of operational efficiency, resulting in satisfied employees and customers. 

What can Food Service Management do for Corporate and Campus food Industries?

Business Development

The face of the food industry has drastically changed over the past decade. A food service management firm has been there throughout, and is on the cusp of the demands of the average consumer.  For example, many customers want a great atmosphere for their dining experience, fresh and local ingredients and a price that is competitive with the businesses in the food court.  Food service management consultants can assist with developing a business plan that touches base on all of these requests, while still remaining profitable. 

Financial Consulting

Financial consulting is one of the best ways to discover any holes in the business plan, or to expand on or continue with ideas that have already been implemented and work.  Financial consulting can be as in-depth as the food service business requires.  This can include anything from evaluating current wages, budgeting for new equipment, or planning for a new facility design. 

Customer Research

The needs of the customer can change throughout regions, demographics and based on what type of food the service is offering.  Customer research is one of the only ways to determine exactly what the customer needs.  By having the necessary information, food services that specialize in corporate or campus meals can offer more specific options, and purchase the right amount of food and supplies to save costs and appease the average customer that is attracted to their business. 

After customer research has been conducted food service consultants can also assist with promoting and marketing the business to drive as many likely customers to the establishment as possible. Advertising based on customer research provides the opportunity to narrow in on a focus and target the most ideal customers to the business.  This strategy has worked for many food service businesses and has increased customers and profits substantially. 

With business development, financial consulting and customer research, food services that specialize in the unique niche of corporate and campus focused clients can maximize their budget, increase their local visibility and improve the way that their business operates. 

Clarion Group has a client-focused approach and offer inter-disciplinary services as a food service management consulting firm.  The company has an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and real life experience, which has helped them to improve business for various food based businesses since 1995.  For more information visit here.

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