The Benefits of Clarion Group’s Corporate Food Service Consultants

Corporate food service is an employee amenity that can be a success if the company planning to provide the service get started on the right foot by hiring a firm of corporate food service consultants to overcome the learning curve and to make the right decisions the first time. Corporate food service consultants that specialize in food-based businesses have the experience, insight and proven successes to make any corporate cafe a success with services such as menu planning, layout design and market research. These services can assist after the location has been opened to get the business off the ground and running seamlessly and efficiently.

Why Hire Corporate Food Service Consultants?

• Menu Planning

The menu items are going to be one of the single most important components in attracting employees and retaining them as customers.  Based on the geographic location , employee demographics and trends, the menu items will differ. Food service consultants can assist with designing the perfect menu items for the cafe and will also assist with sourcing ingredients that are high quality while at the same time being cost effective. New corporate food service operations can avoid the steep learning curve that is associated with selecting the best menu items for their establishment and open their doors with a menu that is affordable and in demand.

• Layout Design

The layout of the food based business is also a task that should be initially tackled by seasoned professionals that have the experience and research to determine which type of layout will best suit the business. A layout needs to be designed so customers are organized when purchasing their meals, have the space they require to dine and so that the established is designed to highlight its best features. A firm of food service consultants can also assist with locating furniture for the business and kitchen equipment, if necessary.

• Market Research

Every company should know the competition to its employee food service, what their employees are looking for in a dining facility, how far they are willing to travel off-site and what they want to eat when they visit. A team of food service consultants can perform detailed market research that will provide key insights into what is to be expected and the initiatives that could be taken on to ensure that the staff cafe thrives. Market research is a necessary task that should be completed, even prior to setting up the cafe and hiring a food service contractor. Having detailed market research results helps corporate management know the strengths and challenges of its food service operation and have the data to make the informed decisions that are necessary to succeed.

Clarion Group is comprised of a team of experienced and dedicated corporate food service consultants that specialize in campus and corporate food based businesses. They offer a number of services that including menu planning, layout design and market research that helps business owners to thrive in their market and succeed. To learn more about Clarion Group visit,

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