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Clarion’s Approach to
Food Service Challenge​s

We want to hear about your situation, objectives and ideas.

Our consulting team’s broad experience in on-site food service, restaurants and hospitality services along with our other extensive resources bring a full range of competencies to our clients. We ensure the success of your project by… 

  • reaching a clear understanding in advance about the purpose, scope and expected outcome;
  • performing the project according to a mutually-agreed timetable;
  • maintaining open, two-way communication with you throughout the project;
  • providing realistic, actionable solutions;
  • participating in the implementation of solutions, and
  • following through promptly in providing support, information or clarifications as needed.

We don’t consider a project completed until all your goals have been accomplished.

Talk to us about your vision for your food service operation —
Contact Clarion Group

CLARION GROUP Food Service Consultants, P.O. Box 158, Kingston, NH 03848-0158

Phone: (603) 642-8011    Fax: (603) 642-7744

Offering food service management consulting, hospitality services consulting, sustainable dining facility design.
Nationwide food service consultants.

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